Material handler T510


In addition to power, we wanted to give this machine strength and stability.
Counterweights in the undercarriage and ballast of generous dimensions allow the T510 to reach a considerable range of action while maintaining excellent stability and allowing to exploit its lifting capacity. The hydraulically elevating cab and the hydraulic suspension also allows the operator to have complete visibility of the loading area and to make the most of machine’s performance.


Lifting force does not matter if it is not balanced and supported by a proper structure.
The T510 has both of these features. The large ballast on the swing drive and the counterweights
on the wagon give it excellent stability and make it easier for the operator to carry out loading
on wheels without the need to stabilize the machine in a fixed position.

To increase productivity, the material handler must perform rapid and precise movements at the same.
In fact, speed alone is not enough, the movements must be able to be controlled easily by the operator,
without shocks and tears that affect the comfort, stability, and grip of the load. The hydraulic “load sensing”
system of the T510 with electronic flow control and the right tuning of the various components, allow to make
the movements perfectly, progressively and controlled from minimum to maximum speed.

The ability to perform maintenance operations in an easy and timely manner is important for the proper
operation of a machine and to ensure reliability. For this reason, access to major maintenance points
was kept as comfortable as possible on the T510. Furthermore, the display shows the report of the
scheduled maintenance timelines, easing their execution in the correct time.

An uncompromising material handler, designed and built to deliver superior class performance.
Speed, power, stability and wide range of action make the T510 a handler suitable for handling scrap,
bodywork and medium sized timber. In this machine we wanted to achieve the best performance by combining
the power and the efficiency of the engine with the electronic management of the hydraulic “load sensing” system.
Depending on the conditions of use of the engine and the operator’s request, the maximum possible loading capacity
is always delivered to the users.

Lifting capacity:
12 ton

28 ton

Engine power:
129 kw – 175 HP




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  • Stationary material handler Tabarelli GF 75.105/80.105