Material handler T916


The hydraulically elevating cab and the hydraulic suspension also allows the operator to have optimum visibility of the loading area and to make the most of machine’s performance. The oscillations are absorbed by the nitrogen charged accumulators on the boom and cab suspension system. The internal equipment also allows you to control the functions of the machine in the most convenient way for the operator: seat with wide adjustments, air conditioning, instruments logically arranged and equipped with additional functions for control of movements and the raised load.


The T916 is a complete material handler in all respects: the sturdy base structures, designed and tested with the help of the most modern drawing tools, are widely sized to withstand heavier stresses while ensuring maximum reliability. Mechanical components, from 12-column axles to reinforced gear and all components, are also selected on the basis of our long experience

The performance of the T916 is the result of multiple factors acting together to give more productivity and efficiency: engine, pumps, manifold and cylinders must work at all times as a single tool available to the operator, to perform the required manoeuvres as quickly and accurately as possible. To achieve this, we have perfected the response of electronic engine and pump controls, control valves and cylinder response adjustment.

The ability to carry out maintenance operations in the expected manner and time is essential for maintaining the best performance of a machine and, therefore, for its performance.
On T916, this is made easier by reporting on the display of upcoming expiration operations and easy access to major maintenance points.

An extremely powerful and stable material handler, designed and built to give maximum performance, without compromise. Operating range, stability, performance and complete set-up make this material handler a machine suitable for the heaviest jobs under the toughest conditions. Powerful motor with “common rail” injection and modular “load sensing” hydraulic system with dual pump with electronic power management, allow for achieving excellent performance and smooth and simultaneous movements even at average working speed. This results in economic operation, reduced wear and tear of mechanical parts and lower noise emitted.

Lifting capacity:
18 ton

44-46 ton

Engine power:
209 Kw – 284 HP



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  • Stationary material handler Tabarelli GF 75.105/80.105