New Patented FlyCab System

Material handling vehicles have a strong need of maximum visibility of the working area.

Tabarelli has been the pioneer in the introduction of pantograph devices to lift the operator’s cab, now present in almost all vehicles on the market and fitted standard on vehicles of our own production, in order to allow to reach an elevated position, providing complete visibility of the loading surface.

The continuous evolution of technology and the data collected in more than twenty years of experience in the field of pantograph lifting devices have pointed out the limits but above all the areas for improvement.

The FlyCab System primarily meets the needs of ergonomics, comfort, safety and performance by completely revolutionizing the concept.

LIFTING THE WORK POSITION: over time, vehicles were equipped with longer booms and, thus, with ever larger work areas but without greater visibility. FlyCab offers a working position with a view up to 6 meters height.

FlyCab: from the Ground to the Sky!

Easy access to the cab: access to the cab has always been a weak point in terms of safety – risk of slipping – and operator fatigue. FlyCab revolutionizes the concept by allowing descent to the ground from any position. It operates using a simple and reliable electrohydraulic control device covered by international patent. The hydraulically balanced double-pantograph system was designed to offer synchronous and fluid movement in order to allow the operator to descend quickly and safety to the ground.

Transportability: the system has been optimized to remain within the overall shape of the vehicle and it allows fast and inexpensive movement from one work location to another, without the need for disassembly or special precautions.

Visibility: the system provides the maximum visibility due both to the height and for the sophisticated front and rear camera vision system. This allows you to move and work with a constant view of the surrounding space and obstacles. The system is integrated with a zero-Lux infrared vision device that ensures perfect vision even in the absence of light. In addition, the new halogen headlamps installed on the platform and cab and aimed at the work area, make it possible to operate independently of lighting conditions.

Safety: the system is integrated with safety valves on all hydraulic movements of the FlyCab. The position and descent area of the platform are controlled and monitored at all times to allow moving with the maximum safety.

One-touch control: cab movements are made with a single button for maximum ease of use. The control logic actuates movements in the correct sequence allowing for smooth and accurate movement.

Maximum comfort, maximum production:  the control cab is for the operator the primary work environment throughout the day and it must therefore meet stringent criteria of ergonomics and comfort.
The mechanically (or, upon request, pneumatically) sprung seat dampens the vibrations of the entire machine, providing further comfort and minimizing operator fatigue.
A latest-generation system with hydraulic braking in the actuators and hydraulic springing devices adjustable by the operator based on his needs guarantee movement without bumps and jolts and customizable response during the work phases.


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